For Every Woman’s partners are growing every day! We are partnering with cutting-edge organizations that support life and provide resources for women coming from all walks of life.

Here are our current national partners, and our list is growing:

Bridge of Hope

Ending homelessness for single moms and their children in our community.

bridge of hope logo

The Life of a Single Mom

Ensuring no single mom walks alone by connecting every single mom to a support group in her area that offers resources and services.

The life of a single mom logo


Behind every child at-risk is a mother in-crisis. Learn more about EMA’s programs that provide equal, easy, and free access to immediate support.

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True Charity

Fighting against poverty by championing a national movement of voluntarily sourced, effective charity at the most local level.

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Embrace Grace

Helping women experiencing unplanned pregnancies find a place of belonging within the church through support groups.

embrace grace logo

Verity’s Village

Providing support for families who receive a life-limiting diagnosis for their babies.

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Lifeline Children’s Services / Plan My Adoption

Free, confidential, and no-pressure services to help a mother decide if adoption is right for her and her baby.

lifeline children's services logo

My Baby My Career

Mothers shouldn’t have to choose between their career or their baby. Real empowerment is allowing mothers to thrive in the workforce. logo

Solve Maternity

Empowering at-risk pregnant women to become confident, capable parents and thriving members of society, since 1976. Providing cost-free maternity housing and support for women during and after pregnancy.

solve maternity logo

Blue Bird Bus of Hope

Bridging the gap between services and the community in the most accessible way, while revolutionizing the community’s value on life.

bluebird logo

Safe House Project

Our mission is to increase survivor identification beyond one percent through education, provide emergency services and placement to all survivors, and ensure every survivor can access quality, safe housing and holistic care.

safe house project logo

Leap Personal Finance

On a mission to expand economic opportunity for expectant parents and parents of young children.

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The premier online client care system tailored to empower reproductive grief and loss helpers. offers an intuitive platform for managing client interactions and progress, facilitating seamless guidance through their healing journey.

In His Hands

In His Hands’ mission is to provide comfort and healing to women navigating pregnancy loss through prayerfully crafted gift boxes. Each box is a reminder that every woman and her baby, regardless of their brief time together, are deeply valued.

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