Prenatal Care.

Your First

Prenatal Care.

Your First

I think I’m pregnant.

Now What?

We’ve got you covered. We want to help you find the right Women’s Health Clinic that will help answer all of your questions. When you enter a true Medical Health Clinic for women you’ll be met with caring advocates and medical professionals whose first goal is to empower you, equip you, and support your needs. The priority of a Women’s Health Clinic should be to provide holistic care, no matter where you are in your health journey!

Can you bring a partner or friend to the appointment?

Most Women’s Health Clinics allow a partner or supportive friend to join your first prenatal appointment.

What to bring?

A photo ID (drivers license or other). Most of the clinics that we partner with are free, so if you don’t have an insurance card, don’t stress, you likely won’t need it.

How long will my first appointment be?

Each appointment time varies, but expect your first prenatal appointment to be around 45 minutes. The clinic’s first priority is you – your comfort, your safety, and your health. The clinic will allow time to get to know you, hear your story, and be there for you in this step of your journey!

What can I expect during an appointment at a Women’s Health Clinic?

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FIRST, you will be given intake form to fill out so the nurses and doctors have all of the information necessary to get to know you and your needs.

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NEXT, you will be administered a pregnancy test, normally this will be a urine based test. If your results are positive, the nurse or medical professional will offer you a free ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.

Receiving a positive pregnancy test or ultrasound can be overwhelming, especially if the pregnancy is unintended. If you are feeling excited, nervous, or scared, a Women’s Health Clinic is the best place to be.

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AFTER the medical professional confirms your results, they offer plenty of time and space, as well as a listening ear to help you process the news. A patient advocate and licensed medical professional will help you navigate the next steps and give you unbiased information on all of your options.

Why choose a Women’s Health Clinic over Planned Parenthood?

Unlike Planned Parenthood, pregnancy clinics have nothing to gain based on your decision when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Unfortunately, there have been instances reported where women felt coerced, and even lied to when approaching a Planned Parenthood for help during their prenatal journey. We believe that the best way to empower women is to give them information, free of judgement or coercion. A Women’s Health Clinic offers free services regardless of the choice you make.

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Women should have access to every resource available to them in their health journey. Women’s Health Clinics have a range of services including free pregnancy tests, STD/STI tests, and ultrasounds – all conducted by trained medical professionals. Clinics offer information for women about adoption, housing, education, and financial referrals and more to support you in your health journey. The For Every Woman Mobile Medical Clinic overcomes any problems with traveling to a clinic by bringing medical care directly to you.

Whatever choice you make when facing pregnancy, Women’s Health Clinics will put your holisitc health first. This means they will support you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Facing unintended pregnancy, abortion, or miscarriage can be a very isolating, and sometimes traumatic event. Women’s Health Clinic’s provide after-abortion care and counseling for those who may need it.

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Every Women’s Health Clinic is staffed with trained medical professionals there to support you in a safe and judgment-free environment. You can rest easy knowing that all of the information you share is 100% confidential.


We believe the best way to empower women is with knowledge. Women’s Health Clinics provide a variety of educational resources including prenatal, parenting education, sexual education, and education on abortion, STDs, and birth control. They’ll provide you with comprehensive information about your options and what is happening in your body during pregnancy.

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Community referrals

Women’s Health Clinics can refer you to a network of trusted community resources to ensure you receive the support you need, including medical care, counseling, and material resources.

Why do Women’s Health Clinics believe in free services for women?

Every woman deserves access to accurate information and compassionate support, regardless of her financial situation. By providing free services, Women’s Health Clinics ensure that every woman has the access to quality health care that they deserve.

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What you shouldn’t experience during an appointment.

During your visit to a Women’s Health Clinic you will never feel pressured or judged. The staff of advocates and trained medical professionals aim to provide information, guidance, and support, but the decisions about your pregnancy are ultimately yours to make. The priority of every clinic is to provide women with all of the information about each option in pregnancy. Whether that’s parenting, adoption, birth, or abortion, they are their to help you navigate your circumstances. You won’t experience any coercion from a women’s clinic; they are there to support you in your freedom to choose.

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