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Should You Have Multiple Sexual Partners?

In a world that is defining and redefining relationships and sexuality, having multiple sexual partners has become more mainstream. Should you have multiple sexual partners? If you’re young and still figuring out your sexuality, it may seem liberating to have multiple sexual partners, but it’s important to consider sexual health, boundaries, and your emotional well-being….

How To Get Out of an Abusive Relationship 

This guide to getting out of an abusive relationship will help you: Are You in an Abusive Relationship?  First off, know when you’re in one. It’s not always plain and clear from the start when a person you’re in a relationship with has abusive tendencies. There are some red flags early on that can indicate…

5 Signs You’re in a Situationship 

What’s a situationship? Let’s first define what it is according to the highly credible Urban Dictionary: When people take part in a relationship, but out of fear of making things serious or messy, do not label it, leading to said relationship, ironically, becoming more serious and messier.   In lesser words, it’s a new term for…